Project-specific furniture collection for Ivy Cottage, Canterbury.

Utilising our strong relationship with Master Joiner, Adam Stevenson combined with our increasing specialism in computer controlled fabrication techniques, we have designed this suite of furniture to mimic the rustic character found within the timber-framed medieval cottage.

Painted OSB board (itself a fusion of wood remnants) references the historic amalgamation of often repurposed timber, whilst also providing visual warmth and texture to these new additions.

Warm American Black Walnut feet and door pulls were personally hand turned out of discarded remnants by Carl Trenfield, intended as a gentle signature and direct connection with the process of construction.

The collection includes a wardrobe, shelving, desk and master bedroom vanity unit; in addition to the remodelling and refurbishment of this extra small cottage.


1200mmW 1990mmH 500mmD (Wardrobe)