A Room, Rural Kent

A special commission to design and produce, in totale, the notional heart of the home; a family room and kitchen located in rural Kent.

Each and every joint, element and mark-made was first three dimensionally modelled, tested and then further drawn for fabrication via CNC cutting – enabling absolute control, expression and accuracy.

Our initial interests stemmed from the origins of the rural kitchen and its ability to convey both the tough and utilitarian, and the beautiful – how a material might shape itself through continued use or how evening light soaks across a well-worn surface.

Eschewing the normative, this highly involved project further richens our view on the provision of architecture as a service, our thoughts on the often opposing notions of architecture as a discipline and architecture as a profession – and how our hand can be present in much of the work we create.

Full text and documentation to follow.


Value: Undisclosed

Client: Private

Status: Completed Autumn 2016 (awaiting final documentation)