Our primary concern is to enrich the daily life of those that use and those that experience our work, by creating space and built volume with a tangible presence.  Each project seeks to understand and interpret the embodied language found in both the immediate and wider, physical and social context it occupies.

Historical, geographical and cultural context will often be acknowledged in our response through both abstraction and redefinition for our time.  This can result in a response that is both knowingly, yet sometimes unknowingly, citing architectural language and tradition; perhaps through practised intuition and weight of line, or perhaps via the visceral connection we all have with architecture and the spaces in which we work, live, love and play.

Whilst very much at the beginning of a body of work, each project undertaken seeks to represent a wider meaning or define an architectural standpoint so as to relevantly engage with architectural debate and its progression.

A core parallel and characteristic of our work is the conscious exploration of the notion of craft; be it direct as a result of the trained hand, or abstracted and secondhand, through our increasing willingness to draw for autonomous fabrication – allowing us the potential for greater expression at a variety of scales.

We believe our work has become richer through cherished and ongoing working relationships with master craftspeople, allowing our work to absorb and reframe traditions, often allowing the hand present to elevate the piece in question.

Thoughtful and comprehensive working methods are relished with our work often comprising the production of total architectural environments.


Established by Carl Trenfield in 2012 after several years at the revered Keith Williams Architects, working on and running key public arts buildings in the UK and Europe, we strive to create outstanding work as a result of an engaging and rigorous working process.

In 2016, and only four years since its inception, the studio was selected for inclusion in The Architecture Foundation publication, New Architects 3 – its ‘definitive survey of the best British architects to have set up practice in the ten years since 2005′.

Traditional architectural services are offered, yet we are flexible and committed to presenting an alternative approach to architectural practice; one that can be iterative, one that continues to think critically about what we do, one that also makes, tests, and one that learns as we move forward. 

We accept commissions that allow for sufficient time, thought and demonstrable rigour – together of course with those that we believe will always improve upon the existing.