>P005 Calibration Stool

A modest object as a direct and uncomplicated result of the need to calibrate our in-house CNC machine, during the quieter months of a national lockdown.

Noting that an automated machine such as this operates on x, y, and z coordinates, one of the most complex requests is to ask it to repeatedly produce circles of varying diameters, displaying consistent perimeters, and with the start and end points always meeting.

Here, early forms were misshaped with x and y steps frequently missed.

The piece, in its final form, intentionally echoes the bobbin, a toy or circus prop originating from the Chinese yo-yo; an hourglass silhouette controlled by a string and two hand-held batons.

The automatically cut items are assembled and then finished by hand; an overt move to diffuse the precision of the automated. To further play with its form, we are building a stock of calibrated parts to enable new forms to emerge.

The studio has committed to a limited run of 200 Calibration Stools with each piece personally signed by Carl Trenfield and the exceptional collaborator that has assisted in its assembly and finishing.

Price: £200

Enquire: info@carltrenfieldarchitects.com

Unit Five Canterbury
2020 —
Carl Trenfield
Collaborators | Special Mention
Yonatan Vinitsky