>A015 Door Knob

Project-specific, hand turned door knobs designed as part of our ongoing interest into the relationship between traditional, direct hand input, and contemporary, digital modes of craftsmanship.

Our response to the project originated from a curiosity of details present on the external envelope of the existing residence, primarily the pyramid stretcher brick consisting of three equal projecting pyramidal forms.

This interest spurned an ongoing reinterpretation of this form; both graphically and in relief, forming a narrative-like thread throughout the entire project.

Early iterations of the door furniture saw us explore the outputs of laser fabrication when etching a convex or non uniform surface – the resultant tear drop effect occurs as the laser’s focus widens and the curved surface drops away.

In its final form a two dimensional profile, based on the pyramid, was spun to create the three dimensional form via the process of wood turning.

The profile has a precise 2:1 (h:w) ratio which enabled several iterations to be made with equal proportion, prior to arriving at the final form in terms of comfort and operability.