>V006 Ecofloat, Loch

Collaboration with Ecofloat to produce a light revision of their existing series of low impact, water based recreational suites in rural Scotland.

We see these as luxury; not in the traditional sense but more an experiential one; where view, shelter and relation to context are key.

Drawing on a vernacular arisen out of the practical need for shelter and response to architectural context, we have designed contemporary yet familiar structures that aim to sit and engage within their environment as opposed to an architecture derived out of resistance to climate.

Each suite contains one bedroom with ensuite, a lounge,  light cooking facilities and sheltered outdoor space.

As part of our joint and ongoing research into low impact living, we intend to utilise space formerly used for ballast as storage for rain water, renewable energy and waste composting.

We hope to build on the success of this early working relationship with a growing focus towards design led low impact housing that is both aspirational and affordable.

Loch Awe, UK
Commissioned Study
Carl Trenfield Architects