>A001 Ivy Cottage

Renovation of a Grade II listed C16 cottage in the historic city of Canterbury.

As home for four years, Carl and Eleanor Trenfield undertook the sensitive, slowly-paced, renovation of this small residence close to the Roman founded city wall.

The restrictive nature of both its immediate context and Grade II listed status, ensured only restorative and cosmetic works were undertaken.

Interrogation of the existing internal arrangement resulted in the removal of poor accretions and non-period kitchen, and the replacement with a hand built ‘piece’ that sought to create a melded living and dining area.

The rear of the cottage comprised a later, circa 1980s addition which was notably devoid of period details and character.  Rather than express this difference, and bound by the restrictive nature as a result of the listing, we chose to stitch and meld the boundary between the old and ‘older’, effectively continuing the richness and beauty of the timber structure found within the living space, through the use of architectural joinery – resulting in the feeling of a collective whole.

A bespoke machine-cut storage and dining unit was inserted, conceived and modelled as a counter to the historic fabric and to add much needed functionality.

Both storage device and kitchen were seen and treated as furniture; ensuring that should they ever be removed, the existing fabric would remain unaffected.

Upper accommodation benefitted from light cosmetic refurbishment and hosts several hand built, bespoke furniture items.

April 2015: ’30 Best Homes’, Home, The Sunday Times

Eleanor and Carl Trenfield
Canterbury, UK
Carl Trenfield, Eleanor Trenfield
Adam Stevenson. Cut and Construct. Nichols Bros (Woodturners) Ltd.