>A018 Modular Housing in Under Explored Locations

An Ecofloat commissioned project in response to the current housing shortage, with a view to creating a rigorous and scaleable community, founded on the principles of affordability, quality of execution and permanence.

Admittedly a challenge; the design and fabrication of an anti-contextual home – here we have instead focussed on and challenged the preconceived ideas of prefabrication (or in lay terms, the ‘prefab’) and living on water.  This results in an architectural response that actively and bullishly challenges, and in straightforward terms ensures deep reveals and thick walls, materials with heft such as concrete and solid timber, and volume; we’re seeking to bring back dignity within small spaces.

We will continue to lobby Lenders and Local Authorities to move towards embracing alternative methods of procurement, construction and delivery.

Fundamentally, we are exploring alternative modes of architectural practice with a view to being, and working alongside the maker or enabler, to ensure greater influence throughout the entire design process and a richness in output not often found when making the affordable-new.

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