All Change 04.2013

A year of graft and wrestling with the idea and desire for a studio-meets-workshop-meets-academically-linked practice has enabled and resulted in a move to our first premises.

Admittedly less ‘urban grit’, more ‘muddy rural’ but few can point to the character and charm of a studio powered by a the simplest of fuel.

Whilst much of our work was, and still is in London, our new studio is based in the beautiful city of Canterbury, less than one hour away by train.

The decision to establish roots in Canterbury, as opposed to London say, was always part reaction to its incessant rental prices, arguably stagnating identity and the tangible onset of the creative outward migration – with London running out of forgotten spaces to colonise – and inadvertently gentrify.

I truly felt that this would allow us greater freedom to explore, experiment, make and test, and fundamentally, quietly, hone our skills.

As a footnote I have great admiration for those, without backing or privilege, who manage to craft a design orientated studio in this environment.











With firewood gathered we move forward.

Carl Trenfield 03.04.2013

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