>A019 Room

A special commission to design and produce, in totale, the notional heart of the home; a family room and kitchen located in rural Kent.

The project, now knowingly, displays two key themes; the pursuit of a practise of  reverse marginalisation – the conscious reaction to the profession’s potential for a virtually passive demise into the insignificant – specifically what makes us matter, what makes us useful.

The second theme sees the continued exploration and evolving attitude to craftsmanship in the digital age.  Here, each and every joint, element and mark-made was first three dimensionally modelled, tested and then further drawn for fabrication via CNC cutting – enabling absolute control, expression and accuracy.  It is in methods such as this that better allow the understanding of scale so often hard to grasp in only the digital.

Interests stemmed from the origins of the rural kitchen and its ability to convey both the tough and utilitarian, and the beautiful – how a material might shape itself through continued use or how evening light soaks across a well-worn surface; surfaces that freely move from the passive to the active amongst the theatre of everyday family life.

Architects Journal Small Projects:  Finalist
Dezeen Awards: Small Interior – Longlist

Rural Kent, UK
Carl Trenfield, Jacob Westmoreland.
FDA Architects. Tim Stiles Construction Ltd. Adam Stevenson. Cut and Construct. Steel Dynamics. Nichols Bros (Woodturners) Ltd.