>Post: Carl Trenfield Architects & Ecofloat Collaboration Update 01.2015

The studio, as commissioned by Ecofloat, is developing a modular housing prototype for use on land, water and the in between; the liminal areas.

After previously assisting in the delivery of floating homes in the historic St Katharine Docks, for the then owner, Prestbury Investments, London, the opportunity now is to build upon, as opposed to reinvent, the experience gained in delivery and construction; eroding the many restraints to living comfortably in (and with) challenging locations.

Architecturally driven, our primary focus is to concentrate on the often-held misconceptions of the traditional houseboat, seeking to actively enforce solidity, ideals of permanence and affordability.

Finance mechanisms are a particular focus and we are aware through extensive research and exposure that the traditional, and often conservative, forms of lending, primarily offered in the form of a mortgage, are prohibitive and often unavailable for this type of living.

Our intentions are to establish a ‘market’, demonstrating feasibility and long term viability by means of substantiation to conservatively minded lending organisations.

Ecofloat lead the UK in water based living, having built and launched several houseboats in recent years and we hope to in some part address and respond to the current housing crisis by offering credible, rigorously designed and tested housing that can be truly affordable.

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