>A024 A House for Stanley

Et Canes ad Monumentum.

BowWow Haus London, a collaboration between pet charity Blue Cross, American not-for-profit organisation Outdoor Arts Foundation and photographer Drew Gardner invited a number of revered architects and artists to create bespoke dog kennels for public display and subsequent auction at St Pancras Station, London.

On an immediately tangible level, A House for Stanley adopts and then upwardly reflects the ubiquitous profile of the kennel. The form is then abstracted in its depth, ensuring the profile is revealed only in elevation. Made of sticks, and a monument to dogs, it embodies and combines the historical common law assertion that our house is our castle, coupled with the colloquialism that our dogs are our best friends. The natural extrapolation of this is a castle within a castle – a special place for a special friend.

BowWow Haus London
St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel London
Carl Trenfield, Lawson Cook, Adam Stevenson.
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Rich Young, Cut & Construct. JW Timber Ltd. ETLA (Eleanor Trenfield Landscape Architects). Robert Harris & Family. Dan & Graham Grimwood, Refectory Kitchen, Canterbury.