RCA Practice Mentor Appointment

Carl Trenfield joins an industry-leading team of Practice Mentors to foster the relationship between student and emerging practice and working methods at the Royal College of Art.

RCA text and link below:

‘The aim of the RCA Practice Mentor is to offer students a window on the working processes of some of the UK’s leading designers, many of which also star in New Architects 3, a recent publication by the Architecture Foundation and a definitive survey of the best British architects, as well as give each practice a platform to develop research interests with the RCA. 

This new initiative recognises value in the collaborative networks that drive our students and continues our tradition linking design education with industry, first established by the Royal College of Art, as a direct descendant of the Government School of Design, in 1837. 

Practice Mentors are invited to attend both student-led cross-crits, presenting latest research, as well as School-led, ‘themed’ research cluster days, where both practitioners and ADS tutors will present research findings to further test and disseminate emerging areas of research with a view to scope future research applications.’

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