>A013 Start-Up Street

A project for the start-ups, the small and mighty amongst us.

As part of an ongoing and immersive collaboration with Ecofloat, specialising in challenging land and water based developments, Carl Trenfield Architects were approached by Prestbury Investments Ltd to investigate the potential for a vibrant water based start-up community within St Katharine Docks’ West Basin.

Utilising previously overlooked space (water), our approach centred on the desire to mimic and enhance the existing, particularly the relationship between vessel and pontoon.

To maintain and enhance the character and visual rhythm of the basin, we sought to ‘insert’ workplaces, cafés and public space ‘devices’ amongst, and alongside, existing vessels.

Developing our interest in the fusion of traditional and modern methods of both construction and craftsmanship, we are developing these modules to be inherently modern, efficiently produced and able to present something that is ultimately rare in that which is new and prefabricated –  for there to be warmth and material presence.

Prestbury Investments Ltd
St Katharine Docks, London, UK
Commissioned Study
Carl Trenfield, Taylor Grindley
Ecofloat. Taylor Fuel Control.