>A012 Snaresbrook

Located in Snaresbrook, east London, the studio was appointed for the significant renovation and remodelling of this split level Victorian apartment.

Early investigations revealed that the home had been stripped of many of its founding features and suffered greatly in terms of circulation and quality of natural light to the lower level.

Our approach sought to introduce a new datum that wraps the upper floor, hosts built in furniture and continues to form the new self-fabricated CNC stair.

We like to think of this datum, or ribbon of sorts, as a reinterpretation of traditional wainscotting and dado rail; offering protection to the walls whilst also providing enhanced character, warmth, storage – and through increasing its depth, a place to display our Client’s most-cherished items.

To adequately resolve the scheme, the studio drew many of the components for automated construction – working closely with our trusted craftspeople to co-produce a highly tailored response to our Client’s needs.

World Interiors News Awards 2015 – Long listed

Snaresbrook, UK
Carl Trenfield, Taylor Grindley
Adam Stevenson. Cut and Construct. Nichols Bros (Woodturners) Ltd.